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Our Public Shell Structure

Here is a profile of a typical public shell corporation available for a reverse merger with your private business. This corporation is registered with the SEC and is a fully reporting company.
  1. The company is a reporting company under the Exchange Act of 1934. The company is current with all its filings.

  2. The company was formed to be a vehicle for merger with a private company, and is free of operating history, assets (other than its nominal capitalization) or liabilities, existing or contingent.

  3. The company is incorporated in Delaware, with capitalization of 500,000,000 common shares and 20,000,000 preferred shares.

  4. There are 31,390,000 common shares issued and outstanding. No preferred shares have been issued, and no rights, warrants, options or commitments exist for any other common or preferred shares.

  5. One of our associates, who is a securities attorney, will transact the merger.

  6. Assuming the co-operation of the client company in furnishing necessary information, obtaining action of its board, etc., you may expect the completion of the merger within 14 days.

  7. Audited Financials: show no liabilities and no material assets.

  8. The cost for the transaction is anywhere from $65,000 to $75,000, in U.S. Dollars, which includes legal fees. Progress payments are acceptable in three installments: The first due when work is commenced, the second when the SEC filing is made, and the final when the Form 211 is filed. If you cancel the engagement after preparation of the SEC filing is commenced, all of this fee will be retained. We may also retain a minimum of 6% of the merged company.
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