Pools and Pool Maintenance

pool maintenance
Let’s face it. On a blistering summer day, nothing is more inviting than a quick, refreshing dip in a beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool. But before you jump in over your head, there are a few maintenance issues that should be considered first. These include skimming, vacuuming, cleaning, chlorinating, pumps and filtration systems, leaks and cracks, ph balance, and even swimming safety. Many people think that the maintenance of having your own pool is too much. When deciding to get your own pool, do the research. Decide if you have the time for the necessary maintenance a pool requires. Listed below are some of the biggest issues to keep in mind when deciding to build a pool. These are not a complete list of maintenance requirements, but some seem to be at the top of everyone’s list.

When you have a pool, it is always a good idea to have a regular routine when it comes to maintaining your pool. Some items can be done weekly while others can be on a monthly basis. Keeping a calendar in your pump house or with your pool supplies is a great way to help you stay on track when starting out. Some of the maintenance items are for in season and some are for winterizing your pool through the winter months and some for maintaining a pool clean during the summer.

pool cleaningFor in-season maintenance, you should check the pH and chlorine levels twice a week. You can test water levels at dusk or eight hours after rain. If necessary, you can add products to balance levels. Cleaning your pool at least twice a week is highly suggested. This can include cleaning skimmer baskets, skimming debris from the water, using the vacuum system for your pool, and cleaning the swim deck. You can also use a pool surface cleaner to eliminate a water line stain from appearing. You should shock your pool water once a week. This applies chlorine that will eliminate algae and other contaminants from your water. Remember to stay out of your pool for twenty-four hours after shocking the water. You should run your pool’s filtration system as much as possible, constantly during the summer months if affordable. This keeps your water moving and moving water is cleaner and clearer than stagnant water. If you have an outdoor shower to keep feet clean, this helps remove dirt and dust that can sometimes cloud the water of your pool.