By Russel Colins


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Planning Your Outdoor Pool

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When planning your outdoor space for your pool, remember to add an outdoor water spigot so that you can attach a water hose to wash off your pool deck. This is much easier than sweeping it and it helps keep dust and dirt out of the water better than sweeping.

pool cleaningWe all hate to see the end to our wonderful days of summer, but before closing your pool for the season, look for cracks, leaks, and any kind of damage that should be repaired. Remember, cold winter weather can make leaks and cracks worse so fixed them before winterizing your pool. Also, remove all items from your pool such as ladders, diving boards, and ropes. Nothing should be left in your water. Drain all the water from the pump, filtration system, and any pipes. If water remains in any of these items and freezes, it could be very costly to repair. Reduce the water level of the pool. You do not need to drain the pool completely, but reduce the water level so it is under the lowest pool return.

Finally, after all inspections have been done and the pool is ready to rest for the winter, cover your pool with a pool safety cover. It should be tight and secure. Check for tears or rips and make sure all fasteners are holding. You want to make sure that the pool is completely covered and there is no chance of anyone or anything falling in.

Having a pool is loads of fun. There is some work to maintaining a pool, but the rewards so outweigh the small amount of work it takes to keep a pool looking beautiful and inviting. Pools add value to your home and create a wonderful place for building many memories. Ask anyone who has a pool and more than likely they will tell you it is one of the best investments they have ever made.